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LeafTheRainwing I frickin stayed up all night waiting for you. You said you'd be back on the 21st. It's the 22nd, and I miss you very much.
So I have like 42 watchers
And my art is shit
Why do people watch me
Should I even do a contest or some sucky art?
Origin of Darkvision
(Special thanks to ae10074510 and LeafTheRainwing, I would’t have done it without your inspiration (not to make this, but you guys gave me the wit)! Love you, Leaf!)
Most people know me as Darkvision. I am a NightWing.
This is a memoir on me and my life. I will tell you who I am, and what I can do. I made this so you could read it in your language, human, and so other dragons could as well. I prefer my own language, Sribol. Here we begin~

That is the first thing I remember.
I was in a shell of darkness.
I needed out. Out of this tiny space. I was ready to come out.
I started tapping my talons against the wall.
I tapped harder. A crack appeared. I pushed, then the crack got larger. Then I shoved my body through, and I was out. I was free.

 Then I saw two larger bodies that looked just like me, and were making noises towards each other. I wondered what those noises were. 
I crawled towards them, and then I fell on my side. They made more noises when I did this, then they picked me up and held me. Then the one with a gentler touch said one thing that I knew to be my name. 

Chapter two

About six years later, I was a very playful dragonet. We lived in the Rainforest Kingdom, away from other NightWings. I never knew why, and when I asked my parents, they said nothing. So, one day, when I headed off to get some food, I made a new friend, and this would be one of the most important days of my life. Her name was Leaf. And she was a RainWing.
Now, normally, I am made fun of because everyone else was a RainWing and I was a NightWing. But Leaf? No. She never did. She was always an angel to me. She came up to me in a shy way, and said hi.
“Hello… Did you come here to make fun of me like everyone else,” I said while gathering fruit, “Or to actually say hi?”
“No, no no, I wanted to say hi. I have no friends like you, so I kind of thought we could be friends, because I want a friend…? But if you want to be left alone, I will do that...” She turned away, but before she flew away, I turned and replied, “Actually, it would be nice if I did have someone to talk to occasionally.” I then put the last of the fruit into the bag I was carrying. Then Leaf slowly turned and said, “Really? You would do that?”
“Hey, I'm lonely too, so yeah, we could be friends.”
“Oh my gosh, thank you!” Leaf turned a jubilant yellow, and had a smile that stretched from ear to ear.
Darkvision asked “Wanna go play in the pond over there?”
They both spread their wings and took off, not knowing that this was the start of a very close relationship.



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I absolutely love all dragons And Halo 5.

Sans: "Why didn't the skeleton go to the party?"
Papyrus: "Because he had noBODY TO go with!"
Sans: "You got it, brother!"
Papyrus: "I'm gonna go work on my puzzles! NYEH HAH HAH HAH-- *cough cough*"

And Undertale!


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AAAAND my parents won't let me buy points...
That's the part that really sets me off...
So, please?

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Something like that, I don't do digital cuz I suck at it
I need a description of a pose, but I suck at this so I'll do it cheap. Note me when you commish me


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